About the owner

BB Bhandari was born in 1972 in Sindhupalchowk, Nepal. Located in the Himalayan Mountains, near the Chinese border, this region is famous for it’s natural hot springs, river rafting, bungee jumping, and the Bhote Koshi hydropower plant. Nearby trekking routes, the Bhairav Kunda and Panch-Pokhari trails are of great religious and cultural significance.

Meeting travelers from abroad whilst studying in school sparked my passion for tourism. Later, I came to Kathmandu to further my education. Coincidentally, my college was near Thamel neighborhood, the heart of the historic city and Nepal’s most popular destination. This gave me a unique opportunity to converse with visitors from around the world.

I decided to work in tourism and adventure activities. Learning the profession from scratch, I started training as a trekking porter, and then went on to become a qualified mountain guide and top leader. With this wealth of first-hand experience, I founded Nepal Adventure Point in 2002.

Every businessman strives for success and in this instance, as Executive Director of my own Tour Company, I feel privileged to promote tourism in my country, and specifically aim to highlight lesser-known destinations, the hidden gems within Nepal.

Finally, I warmly invite travel firms, tour agencies, adventure operators and other professionals in the travel field, to work jointly together with me on current and future projects”.

Mr BB Bhandari, Executive Director, Nepal Adventure Point