Tour in Nepal, the country which is one of the most exotic destinations of the world with adventure, cultural, pilgrimage and wildlife travel packages where you will find variety of tour covers the eye catching Himalayan views, unique culture and traditions, the historical monument, art and architecture, Hindu temples, Buddhist stupa and monasteries, its people and rites, myths and mysteries which are a part of the daily life of the people made Nepal unique as well as different from other country..

Kathmandu is the first arrival point for most visitors in Nepal. The major cities of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur are most popular place for touring in the valley and out of the valley there are also other beautiful destinations such a Pokhara, Gorkha, Chitwan, Lumbini etc where all our listed touring will head according to the interest, timeframe and budget of the clients.

All of our organized tours are accomplished by knowledgeable guides who speak and understand English very well to allow you to get a more authentic experience with emphasis on safety and communication throughout the journey. We have designed a range of tours with different combinations of activities all what all possible within your lifetime available, and can also put together private and tailor-made itineraries on request.

Here are some touring trips that we have described in this page are suited for all age people. We encourage you to collect as much information as you like from our site. We are always open for sharing your views and suggestions to provide you with maximum comfort in all aspects of your travel arrangements.

Highlights of Nepal Tours
  • Guided city tours in Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur.
  • Panoramic views of Himalayas from Nagarkot with sunrise and sunset.
  • Guided city tours in Pokhara with amazing Mountain View from Sarankot.
  • Guided wildlife tours in Chitwan National Park.
  • Spectacular Everest Flight
Do's and Don't while you are touring in Nepal
  • The form of greeting in Nepal is "Namaste" and is performed by joining the palms together.
  • Before entering a Nepalese home, temple, and stupa remember to remove your shoes.
  • Be careful not to use your spoon, fork or a hand being used for your eating to touch other's food, plate, cooking utensil or the serving dish. Do not eat from other people's plate and do not drink from other people's bottle or glass. It is considered impure by the Nepalese.
  • Never touch anything with your feet. This is considered an offence among Nepalese.
  • While travelling dress appropriately. Women should specially avoid dressing in skimpy outfits.
  • Seek permission first before entering a Hindu temple. Many Hindu temples do not allow westerners or non-Hindus to enter.
  • Leather articles are prohibited to be taken inside the temple precinct.
  • Walking around temples or stupas is traditionally done clockwise.
  • Take photographs only after receiving permission for the object or person being photographed.
  • Public displays of affection between man and woman are frowned upon. Do not do something that is totally alien to our environment.
  • Remember, many times, when a person shakes his head from left to right, he may mean "Yes".
  • Develop a genuine interest to meet and talk to Nepalese people and respect their local customs.