Horse Riding Tours

Hose Riding treks in Nepal - Horse-riding or Pony treks with a difference, trekking through remote steppe, along with the shores of rivers and lakes, pristine countryside and meeting local families along the way - a fascinating way to experience the mountain of Nepal. Nepal Adventure Point design horse riding treks in Nepal for those who are unable to walk on foot but still wish to do trekking adventure trip around in Nepal. Horse riding treks will give you a unique adventure journey in Nepal to make your holiday enjoyable. Due to the country's geographical features, many places in different regions are not accessible by roads.

People living in those areas are using horses to travel from place to place, carry food, clothes, medicines and other goods to far, remote areas. Especially in a trans-Himalayan region where people have adopted horse riding as a culture and most important means for daily life. One can enjoy the horse riding in any part of the country. No matter whether you want a month-long horse riding trek or a few hours of galloping, all are available to suit your needs. Depending on altitude a trekking day usually consists of 5 to 7 hours of horse riding or walking. Here is some information introducing main horse riding trekking in Nepal but in fact, there are much more.